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Today in the lab. this med student who helps our doctor comes to us (the technicians) and goes “We found a gonococcus! It’s from Legebitra (a society for LGBTQAI+ people), haha!” and I went all “Hey!” and the others went “Well, doctor, how you gonna treat it? Gonorrhea is a common disease.” and he went all “Yeah, yeah, but it’s from THOSE people, haha!” and we all went “So …? You’re a doctor! Those people get ill too you know. And it’s none of your bussiness.” than he went all quiet.
Gawd, what a loser!! I hope he gets gonorrhea!!

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Omg! I finally bought myself chocolate. Not just chocolate - Milka chocolate with cookie and a peanut bar. I was in heaven. I haven’t eaten cheap chocolate for months! Actual black chocolate. There was this one time, I had white chocolate … and I don’t count the little bites my boyfriend gave me, when I had given him some fancy chocolate pralines.

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I can’t stand loud music or talking or just … any sound. I get like a headache and everything (the sound that is) becomes a blur. I usually experience this while watching movies (maybe that’s why I don’t like to go to the cinema, besides the expensive tickets). I also couldn’t stand having lunch with my family while they were talking. It made me really annoyed. I don’t really know why. Maybe those years in the music “business” left a mark on me, which is - no loud stuff. Or maybe it’s because loud sounds damage your hearing and my hearing was already damaged while playing violin in the symphonic orchestra next to the trumpets and drums … Though sometimes I tend to talk loud, because I think other people don’t understand me …

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Yaya Deng For Yen Magazine by Renee Carey

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"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"

And that means white women protecting WOC.
Cis women protecting trans women.
Straight women protecting queer women.
Abled women protecting disabled women.
Not just white cishet abled women protecting other white cishet abled women.

Not to mention that the woman in the gif is Angel Haze, a pansexual black indigenous woman  (who has some Native ancestry). 

[angel haze highly values her native ancestry, she’s a member of cherokee nation and taught herself tsalagi, and it’s important that we acknowledge that, esp. considering the lack of native american voice in so much media]


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